Keli'i Tau'a


  A Lifetime of Mele   Lahaina   Pauahi
  A Lifetime of Mele   Lahaina   Pauahi

This compilation CD is a product of friends and former students of Kumu Keli`i Tau`a. They contributed their musical talents as a tribute to his energy & time through the years as a songwriter, chanter and Hawaiian cultural advisor. These songs encompass several of the over 500 songs and chants that Kumu Tau`a has written in his 40+ year career. His lyrics paint pictures of Hawai`i's history and culture, documenting significant events and people from the past and the present. We invite you to listen to the many artists featured on this CD: Amy Hanaiali`i Gilliom, Ron Kuala`au, Frank DeLima, Roland Cazimero, Melinda Caroll, David Kauahikaua, Kenneth Makuakane, Alan “Poki” Pokipala, Mike Ka`awa, Tarvin Makia, The Brown Ohana, Kapono Kamaunu & Halemanu Villiarimo . We are requesting your consideration in the following categories: Compilation Album of the Year, Album of the Year, and Song of the Year for “Sayonara”. Mahalo


Long before Lahaina was a tourist town, Hawaiian chiefs called it home. With its rich soil and abundant ocean life, it was a natural move to designate Lahaina as the first capital in all of Hawaiʻi. Maui Island is known anciently as “Na Honoapiʻilani”, named after the 16th Century King. Lahaina is also home to the mystical rain, Ka Ua ʻUla and plenty of rainbows over the majestic Mauna Kahalawai. As the capital, Lahaina was home to Kamehamehaʻs royal family including Queen Keopulani and Queen Kaʻahumanu during their reign. E O E Lahaina, ka ʻaina waiwai o ka mokupuno o Maui.


Ke Ali'i Bernice Pauahi Paki Bishop (1831-1884)
For more than a century, the lives of thousands of Hawaiians have been touched by the generosity and legacy of Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop. Although she had no children of her own, by her generosity she has essentially fostered Native Hawaiian children throughout the state. David and Keli’i are such foster children to Pauahi as they both graduated from Kamehameha Schools. In honor of their deep appreciation of her contributions they have created a musical documentary of her life. 

But there is more to Pauahi’s story than the financial contributions for which she is so well known. These songs describe her life, her travels, and the love for her people. 

Refusing to rule her people, she did what was better—she served them.

  Cloud Warriors  

E Ala Hawai'i

  Cloud Warriors   E Ala Hawai'i   Hoku

Two Hawaiian musicians meeting in a friend’s cozy Kula home decided over dinner that they enjoy the same type of music. An established storyteller by the name of Keli‘i Tau‘ā proposed to the interpreter, David Kauahikaua, that they collaborate their creative juices and produce a musical product never heard before in the Hawaiian music scene.

Keli‘i tells the enchanting stories of Maui; his lyrics paint a vivid picture. However, the magic of this album is how David interprets the stories.

  E Ala Hawai'i was inspired and directed by Jonathan Starr. It is a collection of ancient chants performed by Junior Kumu, Kapono Kamaunu and Senior Kumu Keli'i Tau'a; enhanced by the professional instrument-playing of Anthony Natividad. Anthony explores the 'ukeke, ka'eke'eke, ohe hano ihu and other instruments from days long passed.  

David Kauahikaua and Keliʻi Tauʻā are pleased to announce the arrival of their latest collaboration- Hōkū. Hōkū is a thematic album based on the 2007 voyage of Hawaiʻiʻs famous sailing canoe Hōkūleʻa from Hawaiʻi through Micronesia to Yokohama Bay, Japan.

   Join us at the Ale House to see what is possible when two talented artists collaborate to tell the stories of a once-in-a-lifetime voyage across the Pacific.

E Komo Mai!